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Birthdate:May 3
I come from London Below. People who live Above don't notice us unless we call attention to ourselves, don't remember us afterwards even if we do. We're the ones who fall through the cracks in the world. Mad or magic or just misplaced, we live in the parts of your cities that you've forgotten ever existed.

I'm called Door. The Lady Door, of the House of the Arch, but Door is fine. Lord Portico was my father; my mother was Portia, my sister and brother Ingress and Arch. I'm telling you their names not to trade on them for favour, but because they're dead; names are all I've got left. The men who killed them are hunting me; you don't want to meet them.

My family are Openers. Doors, locks, passageways - everything wants to be open. We just help it along. If a door's there, we can open it. If it's not, we can find it or make it.

Were. My family were Openers. Now there's just me. I was running and frightened and I opened a door to someplace safe, to help, and... here I am.

Residence: Room 418 with SeelyseelyboothseelynotangelSeely Booth
Phone: 555-DOOR
E-mail (IC):
Class Schedules:

Summer 2007 I: Sex Ed the GOB Bluth Way/Annoy Your Teachers
Spring 2007 | Fall 2006

OOC: Character journal for [info]fandomhigh.

Fandom/Disclaimer:Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman, who owns Door and her world; I'm just borrowing them for the purposes of play, not profit. (Mini-series images belong to the BBC; header is a remix of the Cityscape London theme for the Expressive style which I'd happily be using if it were designed for people with 800x600 resolution, WTF, Vox LJ, WTF.)

Canon source: Door is a mixture of book and mini-series canon, not that there's a lot of difference between the two. If there's a conflict in appearance or age (Door's sister is clearly younger in the book than she appeared onscreen, Door is a redhead in the novel and comics), I'm going with the televised version for icon-making purposes. Otherwise, the story in both formats is so close it hardly matters; mostly the book just provides details and background that the miniseries doesn't comment on one way or the other, like the names of Door's siblings.

Where Door diverges: Wounded, trapped, and running from Croup and Vandemar, the men who were hired to kill her family, Door reached out and opened a door to safety. In canon, that led her to Richard Mayhew. Here, it led her to Fandom High.

Useful Character Links:

Full Character Info Page
Door at the International Catalogue of Superheroes
Neverwhere at Wikipedia.
The Very Small But Quite Significant Neverwhere Page

Availability Info: Eastern timezone. I work weekdays 8 to 5, more or less, and am sometimes available to play (and on IM) during those hours, sometimes not. After 5 on weekdays, and most waking hours on weekends, I'm probably on IM and playing.

Me as a player: Me + ability to concentrate on many threads/posts at once |= OTP. For example, if you see Door in a Common Room and she's only responding to people who directly ping her thread, it's not because I don't want to talk to you - it's just that it's easier on my concentration to stick to one main thread. None of this means I won't be happy to play in any particular post with you folk; it just means everything's a case-by-case "Is my brain currently exploding?" situation, and it's best to grab me beforehand to figure out whether we're both/all available for an interaction. Talk to me, by e-mail or IM. OOC communication = love.

Did I mention OOC Communication = Love? Because I can't repeat it enough, yay. Pleasetalk to me about anything I do that's bothering you, whether it's in-character actions or OOC gameplaying issues. I can't fix it if I don't realize it's happening, and I don't pick up gentle hints well. (That's misleading. I pick up gentle hints too well, seeing them even when they're not there, thus occasionally annoying people with my paranoia about whether I'm annoying people. Yay neuroses! So my only safe path, not that I'm always able to stick to it, is to assume that if no one tells me there's a problem, there isn't one.)

[---------------------------Useful FH Links: ------------------------------------]

In-Game Reference

2006/2007 Fandom High Calendar | School Directory
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Island Maps and Residence Directory

OOC Reference

Character Directory | Player Handbook
What Gets Posted Where | Class expectations for regular school year
Overview on Detentions | Townie Guide

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animals, books, doors, exploring, finding my sister, jane austen, keys, locks, london above, london below, magic, making peace, mr. croup, mr. vandemar, opening, puzzles, reading, riddles, survival, the floating market, the underground, tunnels, who killed my family
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